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Who I am

  • My name is Mohamed Danish. I am a student persuing my Batchelors in engineering. I am based in India.

My Ubuntu Story

I was introduced to linux as a part of my course. I started using Linux 3 years back with Fedora first, I was introduced to ubuntu by one of our project guides. The First Ubuntu i used was 8.10. I was so impressed by the stability and of course the looks, that i decided to do my project using Ubuntu.

I have used Fedora 4,7&8, and Suse, But after i started out with ubuntu things were a lot earier to handle, and It was made easier to learn too. What i loved best in Ubuntu is the way its organised, its not hard to find what you are looking for.

I want to contribute to Ubuntu community as developer.

My Involvement

I am a student, always will be.

Things I am Proud Of

Since i got to be a Linux user i have always been proud of being able to do it the linux way. When ever i switch to other OS's i always feel something lacking. Not when i'm on ubuntu.

Areas of work

As a part of the course we created a linux bootable disk based on the pauls boot cd template, this could be used for system administration. This was done using shell scripts. i'm familiar with C, C++ perl.

Things I could do better

There's a lot of programming languages to learn and master.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Retailers of many products create specific softwares for Microsoft based Os's it is unfortunate that Linux users are ignored.