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Who I am

I am Ricardo 24 years old. I am a Filipino and I live in Cebu City,Philippines. I am a graduate of Instrumentation and Control Systems Technology at CITE Technical Institute Cebu Philippines.

My course is about automation or Mechatronics, It involve, PLC, Pneumatics/Electro-pneumatics,Industrial Electronics,Proximity Sensors, PIC programming(using Assembly Language) etc. During my studies year 2005 I did my OJT in LEXMARK RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT and was assigned in Infra-Structure Support Department.There I started to Learn Linux.I tried all the common flavor(RedHat,Fedora Core,Debian, OpenSuse, Ubuntu)in 9 months time.

After my graduated last May 2006, I worked in Bigfoot Entertainment Philippines. There I provide Level 3 technical support under IT Department.During my time in Bigfoot I used Ubuntu as my primary OS.It made me feel how good is open source is, I get a lot of support, and everything I need I get for free.

July 2008 I left Bigfoot and started to work in CallAssistant Communication Center(a BPO company cebu philippines) as Systems Engineer until present.I setup the company server/network needs from scratch and use ubuntu in my servers.

I want to contribute to Ubuntu and its community as a member of MOTU and hopefully I will be a core-devel in the future. My programming skills is low because I dont where to start, but I hope after joining the MOTU team I could get an idea.

My Involvement

  • I prefer to get involved in packaging and patching and bug fixes.
  • would still be honored to get involved in a project which is concerned with low level programming.

Things I am Proud Of

  • I am proud that I can stand on my own.
  • I am proud to be a Filipino
  • I am proud that in the end I made the move and joined ubuntu.

Areas of work

  • Server/Network administration
  • Technical Support(Windows Client OS's,Linux, Mac)
  • I have experience in php and basic mysql
  • as much as possible im use opensource software for the work and personal needs.
  • I surely am a friend of a graphical desktop environment but I am experienced in working from a terminal window (Konsole) at the same time.