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Who I am

  • My name is Diego Gabriele. Presently I am working as a web developer in Devoteam Group' and I am based in UK.

My Ubuntu Story

Now its almost 15 years since I am using Linux on my desktop. I started using Linux in 1994 with a 'Slackware 2.x' distribution.

During the past years I have used also Red Hat, Mandrake and Fedora. One year ago I switched to Ubuntu because I really apreciated the completeness of the distribution. I also like the fact that once you install it, everything work very well and you can do everything you used to do on windows OS but with more stable OS and open source software.

I want to contribute to Ubuntu community as developer.

My Involvement

I really like GPL license terms and think this kind of license will help developers battle against the power of big player like Microsoft and Oracle.

Things I am Proud Of

I am proud of being a Linux user since when I was a teen when none could believe Linux could become a major player in the OS industry.

Areas of work

I work as consultant in a consultancy firm. Our many customer are in the telecom industry. Unfortunately all the code I write is copyrighted. Main area of software development where I work is J2EE (5 years exp) and c++(3 years exp, desktop applications).

Things I could do better

I usually put a lot of effort in developing things which I believe could be useful for a lot of people.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I think ubuntu could have a better audio support