Dolgos Zoltán (ritchierope)

about me

I was born in 1988, in Nagyszőlős. I live in Veszprém, the town where I study, at the Universtiy of Pannonia. I graduated in 2010 as a Philologist of English and American Studies (English) and now I am learning Translation and Interpreting at the same university. I am very much interested in translating as well as interpreting, but I am not specialised in any specific field yet. I am planning to specialise in economics as far as translations is concerned, but I very much would like to do IT translations as well, especially the translation of Ubuntu Linux, because in the previous years I have become very much interested in the work developers doing to make Ubuntu better and easier to use and I also want to contribute in a way that I can. I am used to translating longer texts, so therefore translating Documentation and Manuals might be the most suitable for me, but as long as I can translate something that will help other people to use Ubuntu, I am glad to do it.

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