Robert Frießleben

About me

  • born in April the 7th,1974 in Dresden (Germany)
  • studied Media Informatics at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (FH) University of Applied Sciences
  • working now at a consultancy as IT-Expert / IT-Consultant
  • married, one kid
  • Interests: Computers, Sports (American Football, Nordic Skating), Music (BELAFARINROD ;)), listen to radio dramas and audio books


Linux history

  • First Steps: SuSE 6.4
  • Debian Woody until now
  • Kubuntu 5.04 until now

Kubuntu commitment

My vision

  • help make Kubuntu faster, better, sexier not just for beginners but for all kinds of users
  • Motivate people to use Kubuntu


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