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Started with Ubuntu in 2006, and switched from primary OS in 2008. Joined the Ubuntu-NL team in the late 2009. Now I'm active as creator/supervisor of the Dutch Artwork team and also working on promotion, solving bugs on the website, creating new plugins. This year (2010) I opened my eyes got interested in the international teams.


In 1987 I was born in a small town south of the Netherlands. After graduating from high school (2006) I started my study Chemistry (bachelor) at the Fontys University in Eindhoven, which I almost have finished.

My first introduction to open source was in 2004 when a friend of my advised to use Firefox instead of IE. At that point I even didn't know what open source was about, I just liked it because it works like it used to be. Later that same friend advised, again a good piece of open source software. Halfway 2006 my eye felt on Ubuntu Dapper Drake after reading an article on (dutch technical/ict website). I tried openSuse a few times before, but a felt not attracted to is, with Ubuntu that was different. The reason: The great community behind it. In 2008 Ubuntu became my primary operating system.

End 2009 after winning the release party poster designers competition i started the dutch artwork team, at that point I was invited to the Ubuntu-NL Team. I go to as many IRC meetings as possible to stay up-to-date and try to contribute to the dutch LoCo. Currently im still managing the team but also got involved into the website team, by fixing existing bugs and adding new features. I also do a little work with the dutch promotion team.

At the moment my biggest interest is scripting/programming in Python and focussed on webdevelopment with Django and Javascript (jQuery), Ajax, HTML5 techniques.

When I'm not sitting behind the computer, I'd love to do windsurfing, pool/snooker and watching movies with some friends.

Past activities

  • Volunteer at several LoCo Release Party's in the Netherlands

    • Oss (9.04 and 9.10)
    • Ede (10.04)
  • Writer of the articles on the Dutch Wiki about Yubikey and Seahorse

  • Writer of manuals about setting up mail, printers, chatting and wireless at the Fontys University specific to Ubuntu, with a lot of screenshots and detailed information. Also supported/promoted Ubuntu on the Schools forum
  • Created several dutch relaseparty posters (9.10 and 10.04)

Current activities

Future plans

  • Getting more involved into the international Ubuntu Community
  • Improving and maintaining the Ubuntu-NL server

What others say

  • "Ronnie has been very visible in the Ubuntu NL community with his efforts for the artwork team, which he leads, and his contributions to website management. He is one of the people driving our increasing usage of Launchpad and is active in the team management, participating in important discussions and helping to lead IRC meetings. A really great addition to our community, Ronnie has shown to be one of the more active persons in the Ubuntu NL community. Therefore I endorse him wholeheartedly for Ubuntu Membership." -- sense 2010-11-10 19:57:19

    "Ronnie van den Crommenacker is a keymember of the Ubuntu NL loco/community. He is the lead of the artwork team and contributes to website management for Ubuntu NL. He is always present in discussions how to improve the loco and its place in the International Community. So I strongly support his application for Ubuntu membership." -- leoquant

    "Without Ronnie Ubuntu-nl would not look as pretty as it does now" -- r0n

    "At the moment I think Ronnie is one of the luminaries of Ubuntu NL. He's got an enterprising spirit and started several projects and ideas. I've noticed he's doing great work on the new LoCo theme for the forum software SMF. Furthermore he's usually involved in all kind of discussions regarding the Dutch LoCo. " -- rachidbm 2010-12-06 14:10:00 "Ronnie is a very valuable member of the Ubuntu NL community. He is an active, creative and stimulating presence who by his endeavours stimulates others to join the good work. His qualities as well as his interests span a broad range, from artwork to programming to promotion, events and loco organisation, and in all areas he maintains a high quality standard in his effort to improve the Ubuntu community." -- Thomas de Graaff

    "I'm not very familiar with the work Ronnie is currently doing within the Ubuntu NL team, but that's been covered by others already. I know Ronnie mostly from IRC and the support forum, and we've once worked together on starting an open-source project. He is a very enthusiastic and helpful guy and I'm sure he's doing a great job now too. Best of luck to you Ronnie!" -- Roel Huybrechts

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