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Clear message

I'm the current Point of Contact for the Ubuntu Irish Team (an approved LoCo). I've been using Linux and Ubuntu for a few years. I've been involved with Ubuntu-ie for a while. I've also helped spread Ubuntu around the world with Camara, by teaching basic IT and Linux in Africa.

I'm a coder and programmer at heart. I've been programming for years. Recently I've discovered the joy of teaching people how to use computers and how that can make all of us better.

Contact information


Future Goals

  • More BugJams! I love programming and teaching. I love getting more people to contribute. Previous Bug Jams have shown that there is demand for teaching programming skills and developement.

  • Continue to improve ubuntu by writing blog posts, submitting bug reports.
  • Continue to attend Ubuntu-ie events.
  • Help and encorage Ubuntu-ie to grow in new directions, including more varied types of events and events outside Dublin, the capital city.
  • I'd love to help other LoCo develop more, I see some possible signs of life from Ubuntu Kenya ( )

Testimonials for Membership Application

  • Rory is a great asset for the Irish LoCo Community. He is always on hand to help where he can. He's taken on the role of chairing our IRC meetings and makes sure we are all productive. I know if I'm stuck in an area, I can rely on Rory to help, he's helpful on IRC and encourages everyone to take part in their own way.He volunteers to help within the community and help promote Ubuntu here in Ireland. +1 czajkowski