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About Me

To start things of I'm a computer addict I can't live with out one. I started my pc venture in 1997 back then I didn't had my own pc I used my school pc which was PII I cant remember the specs with as all now good old win 95. After my studies ended my mother got me my first computer AMD AthloneXP 1.07 GHz 128Mb Ram with 40Gb hdd thats was after 4 years in 2001 and as a newbie installed WinXP but I was very interested in linux actually that happened as an accident when swapped some of my software CD with a bunch of RedHat 9 CD's.

I thought they where some thing else and out of curiosity I booted from them and step by step installed the system while wiping out my WinXP. Didn't know much about it back then but got me interested but had many issues with hardware and back then I didn't had internet as well so went back to windows.

But always that spark was there in mind to find more about what Linux is and to find what drives the people behind this grate innovation. I joined computer vendor company which gave me the gate way to internet and went on a venture to find more about this beautiful world of FOSS. While googling around found this new project regarding a distro called Ubuntu got me excited and they had a very touching motto "Linux for human beings" fell in love with it. Ordered my very first Ubuntu Live CD from them those days CD was free.

The version I ordered was 5.10 I still have that CD since then I decided to become veteran in the world of Linux and Ubuntu to be my guiding path.

Currently by profession I'm a System Administrator for a GPS company and every where I've worked I managed to convert one or two to use Ubuntu / Linux. I've experience of 9 years on computer hardware and computer software in both platforms not much in Mac but I'm starting to do that as well. Also handling customers solving there problems and helping them to find an answer.

Also I love helping people when they need help when others look away I lend a helping hand. After helping if they thank me in any way I feel like I'm in heaven I love that feeling and thats why I love Linux/Ubuntu this gives me the chance to be that person I love to be I love this more than any social network in the cyber world.

Another thing mostly you want see lot of people supporting me 'cos I'm kind a like a ghost in the forum just a heads up.

Educational Background

I've studied Linux Network and administration, Along with Diploma in Computer Hardware, MCSD, Web Designing with Flash and Web Base Application development using PHP(I love this language).

Also I self studied graphic designing and know how create web sites using wordpress (as CMS) and Joomla.


My contribution is mostly in the Ubuntu forum I try m best to be a very active user but my work holds me back time to time but I always come back and thats why my post count is rather low compared to my joining date.

I'm mostly active in the Absolute Beginner Talk area and in the Community Cafe love being there.

I joined the forum back in 2008 September as a very newbie but I've grown now I'm tutting others how to become a productive Linux user.

Away from the community I encourage my friends my students and others to become users of Ubuntu or Linux and help them learn more about that.

Being in the field I'm, I get the chance to go to those promotional stuff held by the big software companies like micro*** and I love to get them in trouble when they start to compare our community to there paid support once I got banned 'cos the representative couldn't answer me and he had to take a brake till I was gone.

I love to fight for this and for the freedom of software and enlighten others what they can't see that have been blind sited by cooperate money and government laws.

Future Goals

Very first plan I that have is to build distribution just for programmers both types web base ('cos I'm a web base programmer) and pc language base. Why is that mostly when I wanted to get my rig ready for a programming marathon I'd to do it from ground up so I thought that ok what if this was readily available to the programmer who is not that techy (Not all the programmers are techy people). And the base distro always will be Ubuntu 'cos I know it inside out.

Then I want to build a community here in my home country powerful enough to enforce a change (This is a very big dream I have more details will be given latter).

Make Ubuntu famous beyond the current OS that rules our IT industry Mr.Gates one.


I don't think much people know me but you can leave a comment here good or bad what ever you want just say it here. I thank you all in advance for leaving a comment.

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