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Saji N. Launchpad Profile

Sajinsj OpenPGP Keys

1024D/64FF0B12 IRC

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#497336 Registered Ubuntu User

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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

About Me

I'm Saji N. a final year B Tech student. I am now a huge fan of the opensource ideology. Originally it was my cousin, who had introduced me to Linux. I now use Ubuntu 9.04 as my primary operating system. Ubuntu gives me everything that I could never have imagined, such as when I used Windows as my OS. I'm constantly trying new things with my Ubuntu such as installing new software. My main online activities are blogging, tweeting, and StumbleUpon(for new pages related to opensource), but best things that I have found useful online, is StumbleUpon and IRC chat. It has helped me learn many new things. I'm doing my academic projects solely using opensource tools. I think I'll never again have to turn back to MS Windows.

Team Memberships

I have joined a few Launchpad open-teams, though it has never satisfied me. As I want to be part of one live team, and contribute to it, and thereby to the Ubuntu community. Few of the teams, in which Iam a member is-

Current Project & Goals

Currently, I'm not in any opensource project, looking forward to join a project. In the meantime I'm now actively contributing towards the Malayalam translation activities of a few packages. I'm now helping people in the Launchpad answers. I strongly advocate to my friends and even my teacher's to start using Linux. I have helped many of them to setup Ubuntu on their systems and sort out few problems that they usually face. I also have a blog on opensource, which I'm actively working upon, to share my open-source experience and knowledge with others. You may visit my blog and read it at-

My goal is to join a project and contribute to it, thereby contributing to the opensource community. And in that way I can learn how things are done in the opensource community. I also aim to join the Ubuntu Beginners Team. My ultimate aim is to build up my career in opensource.

Future Plans & Projects

I would like to contribute to the opensource community, especially the Ubuntu community. I will also continue to share my linux and opensource knowledge through my blog, and in helping others at IRC channels. IRC Channels also helps me learn new things.I have planned to build up my career in opensource. I'm also looking forward to help in the documentation projects actively. I plan to do my academic main-project using opensource tools like Eclipse IDE, PHP, MySQL,etc.


Anyone interested to put up a testimonial on me, are free to do so. Smile :)

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