Emil Tullstedt

Nicknames: SakJur (online)


Nationality: Swedish

Languages spoken: Swedish and English

Occupation: Student at ABB Industrigymnasium


I'm a somewhat skilled PHP developer with experience from other scripting languages such as Python and BASH as well.

I also regard me as a sysadmin.


ATM I'm not active in any projects, but I've been on:


I am the image manager in the DUDS Team for the DUDS Project and I and am also testing development releses of the DUDS images as often as possible.

Coconut Deployment

I've written about 50% of the code in the Coconut Deployment deployment software with focusing on BASH programming, general development and testing. Coconut Deployment is enabling you to make your own Zero Touch Ubuntu Deployment ISO in a guide based enivorment with very few steps (the .iso file that the script generates is on ~11MB).


I'm sakjur on Launchpad

Ubuntu Server Team

I'm also a part of the server team too.

Plans for the future

I'm going to keep on with the work to simplify massive Ubuntu installations and Ubuntu server installations. I'm also planning to help the Ubuntu communities (both the LoCo and the unofficial support sites) in Sweden with support for primarly servers and deployment solutions, secondary other Ubuntu-related questions. Documentation, installation and support for Ubuntu Server.


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