• Automatically configure a desktop background image for unused desktop activities
  • The + and - signs on the small zoom tools are hard to see
  • Keep the panel configuration bar open when adding widgets. Users are still in "configuration mode"
  • Turn descriptions in Kickoff on by default upstream instead of maintaining a patch
  • Change Kickoff KDE icon to the Kubuntu KDE icon
  • Make my avatar in Kickoff appear next to my name instead of the search bar
  • Add Kubuntu logo to the KDE desktop background (or some other kind of branding
  • Make the Plasma cashew a little softer until you mouse over it
  • Include popular Firefox plugins as an optional package
  • Include a "Welcome to Kubuntu Karmic" desktop widget which shows the release notes
  • Make the "back" button in kickoff flush to the edge of the screen to make the target easier to click
  • Use the Show Desktop widget instead of Show Widget Dashboard in the panel
  • Create a few sample panel or activity collections and allow people to enable and configure them instead of having to create their own from scratch.
  • Fix the battery icon in the battery widget
  • Fix text resize on the date widget
  • Make desktop cashew menu appear on hover instead of click. it disappears on blur and not click so the interactions don't match
  • Change "abort close" in Kate to "Cancel Close" (and any other use of "abort" in the environment)

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