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||<: #DA152D> {{}} '''Launchpad Profile'''||<: #D4EA93>'''[[|Aviv Aapire]]'''|| ||<: #DA152D> {{}} '''Launchpad Profile'''||<: #D4EA93>'''[[|Aviv Sapire]]'''||

Howdy folks, thanks for visiting my wiki page!
i'm Aviv Sapire, been wandering on earth for 16 years (and counting!) Tongue out :-?
I am living in Israel, currently spending my time as usual high school students do, ubuntuing, listening to some music and having fun Smile :)
been using ubuntu since 8.10, got involved in the ubuntu community for the first time in January of 2009.

mail.png E-mail Address

(i) IRC NickName

serfus Launchpad Profile

Aviv Sapire

Ubuntu Current Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat


serfus, shpongle and Doctor Who

Contact Me

I prefer IRC for contacting on any of the above.

Ubuntu Contribution

My main involvement within the Ubuntu community is in the Israeli LoCo. i am very active within the LoCo; serving as an OP on #ubuntu-il, supporting Israeli users on the forum and IRC. At 6/1/2011 I was elected as the Israeli point of contact.

I am supporting Ubuntu beginners in #ubuntu-beginners when i can, though i haven't joined the team.

I am translating English to Hebrew in Rosetta and I have translated bunch of wiki pages such as:

  1. IRC Guidelines

  2. the LoCo Council page

  3. the Best Practices and Guidelines

  4. DoctorMo's how to ask smart questions

my targets and hopes for the future

  • localizing Ubuntu

One of my main desires is to help make Ubuntu fully and completely translated into Hebrew so that Ubuntu will be available to the Israeli public who doesn't understand English.
more then translating, I do what I can in order to help the Israeli LoCo team develop and to spread Ubuntu in Israel.

  • Ubuntu-Youth

The Ubuntu Youth is a project i have joined not long ago. the idea is fantastic: helping and teaching the younger ones how to use Ubuntu, as the community side as well. teaching them how to use the forums,IRC and launchpad, help them getting involved in the community... all that will be taught by youths so this project promotes in a couple of ways.
the reason i think this project is so awesome is that we can show the youngsters they have alternative to windows.
I hope to keep on with the project and get those youth excited about Ubuntu as i am Wink ;)


If you have anything to say about me and my involvement with ubuntu, please go ahead and do so here.


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