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  • Created: 2011-10-19

  • Contributors: serge-hallyn

  • Packages affected: qemu-kvm


We aim to get the following into qemu-kvm during Precise:

  • 1.0
  • spice
  • robust caps-lock handling
  • vde (needs MIR)

Release Note

Qemu-kvm now supports high-quality remote graphics using spice.

Qemu-kvm now ships with VDE support for an advanced virtual networking.


Spice provides high-quality video from a VM, which is particularly useful for remote desktop solutions.

Caps-lock appears to be fragile when user's keyboard is remapped.

VDE is a virtual switch often requested by users. We haven't been able to enable it in qemu-kvm because it is not in main. We hope to fix that this cycle.

User stories

Jack has several users remotely accessing desktops from VMs on his server over a fast network link. They want to have fast graphics, and watch videos even though they are using a remote desktop.

Jane wants to run several qemu VMs, but manually setting up tap devices for each is confusing. She'd like to be able to run qemu under vde to trivially share one tap device with all qemu VMs.


1.0 is released in time.

VDE can be pulled into main.


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