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  • Launchpad Entry: servercloud-p-libvirt

  • Created: 2011-11-19

  • Contributors: serge-hallyn

  • Packages affected: libvirt


To-do list for libvirt during Precise cycle:

  • Merge 0.9.8? (Start with 0.9.6 now)
  • should removing libvirt-bin shut down its vms and remove bridges?
  • netcf
  • bash completion
  • support libvirt-guest sysvinit script from debian? (main plus being support for suspend/resume of guests)

Release Note

Libvirt now supports host network configuration through netcf.

Libvirt virsh is now easier than ever to use thanks to bash command line completion.

Libvirt guests can now optionally be suspended, rather than shut down, when the host shuts down, and resumed on host bootup.


Guests may be slow to boot up, or may be in the middle of important computations. If the host must shut down, such guests would be better suspended rather than shut down.

Users frequently ask for the ability to remotely view the host network configuration while configuring libvirt or guest networks. Netcf provides this introspection.

User stories

Joe tried out libvirt, but decided it should go on that other host, not this one. But now he has removed it, and 'virbr0' won't go away.

Jill is remotely defining a guest, but wants to view the remote host's network to help decide on the best guest network configuration.

Jane hates extraneous typing, and would like to be able to type 'virsh -c<tab> lxc<tab> sta<tab> co<tab>1' in place of 'virsh -c lxc:/// start container1'

Joe's VM guest is in the middle of a 4-day computation. The power goes out while he is out, and his UPS tells his host to shut down. When he gets home, the guest is booted up and idle. He sure wishes the host had suspended and resumed the guest.


netcf can be packaged in main.


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  • data migration, if any
  • redirects from old URLs to new ones, if any
  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

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