László Noficzer



Planned activities:

  • Translating Full Circle Magazine furthermore
  • If the Magazine finishing then join to a translator team within the hungarian community
  • Writing articles about my own experience of an area of Ubuntu usage
  • Translating articles from hungarian to english for Full Circle Magazine for users whose don't know english language
  • Help my company to change to open source applications

About me:

I was born 35 years ago. I met computers so early and this lead me to graduate as a programmer. I saw "my" first Linux system in 1996, it was a Debian-system. I've met Ubuntu in 2007, this caused me to join to Hungarian Translate Team of Full Circle Magazine. I like the world of open source, so trying to use only these kind of programs under Windows also. I propagate the spirit of open source at my worldwide IT company.


Szapper Balázs (blaselinux): I am in daily contact with László and he is always helpful in any kind of problem. His descriptions help a lot in the setting of my system. In the translating team, makes most useful work though.

Királyvári Gábor (kiri): László presents a great contribution in the Hungarian translation team of Full Circle Magazine with such activities like translating, veting, correcting articles and improves team activities with his own ideas.

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