shriekout Name

Kim Jin Chul Location

Ulsan, Korea (Republic of) Launchpad

shriekout GPG Key

3D889574 Email IRC

shriekout in #ubuntu-ko on

매지구름 in #ubuntu on 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

About Me

Hi~ I'm a Korean.

Since I’m not so good at English, I’m afraid I’ll sometimes use impolite, impudent or impertinent expressions.

But, I want to stay friends with you. Wink ;)

I have been a long-time Linux user.

I first started Linux in 1993 with RedHat, moved to Debian and settled down on Ubuntu when 'Feisty Fawn (7.04)' was released. I've been using it since.


I am one of administrators of GIMP's homepage in South Korea. ( )

Personal Goals

Ubuntu Learn a lot about free software.

Ubuntu Encourage the use of free software in my area and where to bring philosophy of free software(GNU).

My Future as Ubuntu Member

Ubuntu Support Members of the KoreanTeam to get approved as Ubuntu Members.

Ubuntu Become MOTU.

Contributions to Ubuntu

Ubuntu Develop Happytimer for Linux Desktop users. (Preparing to pack for Ubuntu Lucid - REVU)

Ubuntu When there is time I try to help the translators with translating some package.


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