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See my ubuntu membership ([[simar/MembershipApplication|Application]]) for more detailed work. Name

Gursimran singh Launchpad Profile IRC

simar on Ubuntu Forum

simar.mohar Current Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu Maverick Meekrat 10.10 (32 bit)

About Me

Hello everyone, I'm resident of Punjab(India), student of computer engineering, enjoys open source and knowledge sharing. Besides that, I believe in original ideas and original research. I like to contribute to humanity some way, so I decided to get involved in free and open software.

My Contribution

  1. Recreated DebuggingTouchpadDetection.

  2. Created Xev
  3. Created Evtest
  4. Bugs Triage related to Touchpad
  5. Currently mentoring two students ahmed and stanley_robertso.
  6. Fixed some FTBFS. So I'm trying my hand out in packaging. Here are some of patches that I submitted.

See my ubuntu membership (Application) for more detailed work.

Presently working



Areas of Interests

Almost all development work(in computers) that I think is upto my potential. I'm most interested in hardware related programming, IP programming (networks) and security.

I have quite a good knowledge of C and c++ and is coding for AVR and motorola related microcontrollers. I can code well in .NET framework which is of no use here though Sad :( .. I'm working forward to learn atleast one high level cross-platform language like python with a lot of API available, so I can have a substitute of .net here. I have also tried my hand in symbian and have successfully created some symbian S60 applications.

Projects I am interested and working on

Other than Ubuntu I would like to contribute to linux and security area.

Future Plans

  • Ubuntu Bug Control Team Membership - Done (a particular thanks to Sense for that Smile :) )

  • Ubuntu Membership(Application)

  • Ubuntu Contributing Developer

My life goal is to become a good personality and contribute to society in the field of technology ...

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