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  • "Let your worries die of neglect!!"

Hello everyone, I live in Punjab(India), a student in computer engineering believes in open source and knowledge sharing. Besides I believe in original ideas and original research. I like to contribute to humanity some way, so I decided to get involved in free and open software. I like to share my knowledge as this creates a 'knowledge society' which helps to increase your own wealth of knowledge so I always teach my friends anything that I know and give them directions when needed. I like to contribute to environment so I have decided to plant atleast one tree per year and encourage others also to do so.

Interests in computers

Anything in computers. I'm most interested in hardware related programming and IP programming (networks).

Presently I have a good knowledge of C and is coding in AVR related microcontrollers. I can code well in .NET framework which is of no use here though Sad :( .. I'm working forward to learn atleast one high level crossplatform language like python with a lot of API available, so I can have a substitute of .net here.

I have also coded in mc9s12x series of Motorola MCUs and is also involved in symbian development both in Symbian C and S60 python.

Availability to triage

I'm currently being mentored by Sense Hofstede. I've started triaging bugs and is particularly focussed to xserver-xorg-input-synaptics and other touchpad related bugs..

16:30 UTC (22:00 (IST)) onwards (in general to 19:30) Otherwise my vacations from university is going on so normally I can extend the period of free time bothways ...

Time Zone

Asia/Kolkata (INDIA)


email -

Nickname on IRC -simar GPG Key - FB16B2EF

My contributions

  1. Written documentation for DebuggingTouchpadDetection. Here( is the origional work that I did.

  2. Bugs Triage related to Touchpad
  3. Fixed some FTBFS. So I'm trying my hand out in packaging. Here are some of patches that I submitted.

Why using Ubuntu?

I installed Ubuntu about two months ago and since that day I just love it .. To be honest I still use windows because I had been using it for about 5 years now but now I have realised the big openness and freedom that linux gives and since the day I installed, I've really enjoyed this freedom a lot ...

I wanted to get fully used to Linux by development and write my own drivers and software for my pc.

Near Future Goals

To get in the Ubuntu Bug Control Team. My life goal is to become a good personality and contribute to society in the field of technology ...