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Eric Beaurivage


Montreal, QC, Canada


<eric.beaurivage AT oriaks DOT com>

Jabber/Google Talk

<sipherdee AT gmail DOT com>


sipherdee (




My last years of work were devoted to Check Point products, notably administrating SecurePlatform firewalls which are running on a modified version of Red Hat Linux / Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I also spent a lot of time administrating Cisco networking and VoIP equipement.

After many years of Linux usage and advocacy, I am getting more involved in the community.


Registered Linux User #318676, I proceeded to my first Slackware Linux installation in July 1996. I then started to use Debian (1.3.1) until I became a true Mandrake advocate. Ubuntu is the system I use on all my machines. Still, Windows is still needed on my main computer laptop for audio work I do.

Being subscribed to Linux Audio mailing lists for many years, I plan on contributing to those efforts.

The way I started is by joining the following project:

Kollide - Projects Hosting

We are hosting initiatives such as Amarok and Konversation. If you need server space for open source related work, do not hesitate to contact me!

Other interests: OpenBSD, Gentoo, pfSense, Android, Drupal, TYPO3, MediaWiki, + too many others.


  • MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional
  • UCP: Ubuntu Certified Professional (in progress)

  • (more to come...)

When I went to college, I learnt to become a programmer. As soon as I could I switched to the technical side of computer science but I am getting back to coding. Getting to better understand PHP code at the moment I am also interested to dive into Python and Ruby/JRuby.

The reason I want to get into JRuby is because I would like to contribute to the OpenTG (BBS) development.


My mom runs Ubuntu and she is enjoying playing AisleRiot.

I want to become more closely involved with Ubuntu. I will get back to translation, spend more time on the forums and get more people to try using it.

I hope our government will take notice and get to use open standards. To me, Ubuntu would be the right choice for Quebec.