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Oh, I almost forget the Community Cafe Games forum. :-?

Contact Info Name: sisco311 Location: Romania Launchpad: sisco311 IRC: sisco311 on Ubuntu Forums: sisco311

About Me

My name is Ferenc Czumbil aka sisco311. My hobbies are reading (novels), logic games, hamging out with my friends, watching movies and tv series and computers (of course).

I was first introduced to Linux in 2006 in the form of a Knoppix Live CD. I was very impressed by the OS so I decided to try other distributions too. Ubuntu 6.10 was the first distro which worked quiet well on my hardware. Since then, I only use Linux based Operating Systems on my desktop. I currently dual boot Ubuntu and Arch Linux.


I have been a member of the Ubuntu Forums since February of 2007.

I mostly stick to the General Help, but I also monitor the Security Discussions, Programming Talk and the Development Release sub-forum.

Oh, I almost forget the Community Cafe Games forum. Tongue out :-?

Goals & Aspirations

Ubuntu Continue participating and being part of Ubuntu Forums.
Ubuntu Testing the development version of Ubuntu and reporting BUGs
Ubuntu Become a member of the Unanswered Posts Team.
Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Member.


Unanswered Posts Team Membership

Ubuntu Membership


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