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How to Install Skype and related programs on AMD 64.

Firstly you will need the getlibs program. A very handy tool on Amd64 that downloads and installs any required 32bit and 64bit libraries of a program you specifiy.

Get it here

Note: getlibs will be used here to download the required libraries for Skype... It can however, scan any binary then download and install the libraries needed.

Next download the STATIC version of skype from their website, upon writing this wiki page it is

Please note that there is a -OSS package. This is really only if you want to use the OSS sound system rather than ALSA for skype. Most people would want to use ALSA. It does not matter which version you download for this guide.

Extract the tar.bz2 file into a folder called skype or whatever you choose. I myself would put it on my Desktop for the time being.

Now open a terminal and navigate to the skype directory, so I would use 'cd /home/wraund/Desktop/skype'. Please vary that depending on where you put the folder...

As said earlier, you need getlibs installed. Please now run the following command...

getlibs skype

This should search for libraries that skype needs, and install them.

Now still in the terminal, when the getlibs command has finished. Type 'sudo mkdir /usr/share/skype/' Enter it.

Then type 'sudo cp -r * /usr/share/skype/'

Now you nearly have a working skype installation =)

type 'cd /usr/share/skype/', then 'mv skype /usr/bin'

This is important as it moves the skype binary from /usr/share to /usr/bin.

Last command =)

type 'mv skype.desktop /usr/share/applications'

Now go to Applications and in Internet, Skype should be sitting waiting for you!

If it isn't, then you can still run it from a terminal with.

skype &

and press enter twice

The '&' sign should free the terminal so you can keep running skype, but get rid of an unneeded terminal.

Hope this was helpful!

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