My Linux experience began in the late 90s when I was a Physics Ph.D. student in New York University. In addition to the university and department networks of Sun/IBM/SGI workstations, every graduate student in our department had access to a small cluster of about thirty Debian installations built by a talented graduate student on recycled Intel 486 machines that were too old to run windows 95. I also installed a Redhat in my personal Compaq laptop and later had a desktop Debian/KDE with a huge 17" CRT in our research group.

With these Linux machines, I did computer simulation of Hall effects, built a framework for the department website in Perl/CGI with some open source goodies like ImageMagick, finished my thesis and as a side project, developed a transcript analysis system for a social psychology group in the psychology department that shared the same building with us.

I spend a few years teaching undergraduate physics in universities as a non-research assistant professor and left Linux and programming for a while.

I left university teaching in 2008 to explore using open source culture and web technologies to build an education framework for the social-network generation.

My reunion with Linux was about a year ago when I discovered that I can run Linux VMs in VirtualBox on my 24" iMac. Currently my working environment includes a 64bt Karmic 64bit in VirtualBox running on OS X 10.6 and a 64bit 8.04 LTS in the cloud so that I can access it with SSH+Emacs on my old PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.2.

I am in an early brainstorming stage of the project.

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