Sparc64 Porting Team TODO List

General Items

  • get drunk!
  • profit

Dapper Point Release

  • silo cdrom (done)
  • new kernel
    • t2k corruption final fix (in git tree)
    • sbus config fixes (in progress)
  • consider sparc-utils/hw-detect backport for sbus fixes. (this is better than sbus fixed in kernel space)


  • build libc6 with gcc-4.x (in progress FabioMassimoDiNitto) (DONE)

  • enable -mcpu=niagara for sparcv9v and sparc64v (in progress FabioMassimoDiNitto) (DONE)

  • Fix

  • ssl hw accelerator for |Viagara
  • installer:
    • install in LDOM for |Viagara
    • auto set boot-device in OBP.
    • review silo-installer. might need more love for raid, but it is good enough for dapper
  • X autoconfig to rock hard.
  • espresso-silo ??

Suggested by colmmacc:

  • dtrace?
  • better kernel crashing?

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