Who is spiderbatdad?

Primarily an end-user, I love the Ubuntu operating system. I have been a member of the forums since Nov. 2005, and using Ubuntu since Breezy Badger. While I am not a good programmer, I have become a sufficient user. I keep an apache server online, use openssh, and maintain a mail server using courier-imap-ssl, postfix, squirrelmail, clamav, amavis, and shorewall. I have had some practice patching and compiling modules for webcams, and I continually take opportunities to install and configure new apps. I spend a good deal of time in the Ubuntu forums. I was not very active until about 2 years ago, because I had almost nothing to contribute. As I learned to use Linux, I found the forums a very satisfying way share what I had learned. I have shared Ubuntu with a number of friends and family members, and continue to mention it in circles where computer talk enters the conversation.

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