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About Me

I'm an old married father of two living in Hampshire in the UK. I've been using Linux on the desktop for years and run a mix of Ubuntu desktops, laptop and server at home. Unfortunately, at work I am only able to use Ubuntu within VirtualBox.

I installed Ubuntu as I wanted a system as stable as Debian with more frequent releases. When Linux was new to me, it was fun fiddling around and working out how things worked. Installing a Linux system from scratch was a real education. More recently, having a system that is solid and stable so that it just works has been more important.

Things I do

Future Work

  • Get involved in the effort to test ISO's for Ubuntu

Room for Improvement

  • Write at least one application that performs a useful (to me at least) function in 'C'.
  • Convert one other person to want to use Ubuntu, or any other FOSS software.

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