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Raoul Snyman

About Me

My foray into Linux started a few years before Ubuntu. I was given a copy of SuSE, and spent as much time as I could in this operating system that I knew nothing about. Fast forward a few years and I had gotten involved with the Shuttleworth Foundation, putting thin-client networks into schools in disadvantaged areas around Cape Town. I suddenly was in contact with a whole lot of other Linux users, and I was overjoyed.

Toward the end of this time I heard about Ubuntu, and I eagerly installed it on my laptop. By Ubuntu 6.06, I had installed Ubuntu (or its sister, Kubuntu) on every computer I had.

When the South African Ubuntu LoCo started up, I got wind of this, and I've been a part of it ever since.

Contact Information




raoul.snyman (a)


raoul (a)




  • Ubuntu-ZA LoCo Member

    • Officially a member since 2008, but I hung around in IRC from long before that.
  • #ubuntu-za IRC Support

    • I hang around in #ubuntu-za IRC and help folks out.
  • Ubuntu-ZA Website

    • I am the maintainer of the Ubuntu-ZA website. We're currently overhauling the site, and hope to have it go live by the end of February.

  • Open-source Developer

    • I am an open-source developer, and the leader of the OpenLP project.

  • Debian and Ubuntu package maintainer

    • I maintain the package in Debian (as an easy way to get it into both Debian and Ubuntu) for my OpenLP project. See the "openlp" package in Ubuntu and Debian

Future Goals

With my open-source project, and my family, my time is limited. Having said that, my future goals are to continue contributing to Ubuntu and Ubuntu-ZA the way I have been doing for the last 5-10 years (through IRC, mailing lists and open source projects), and to help grow the Ubuntu-ZA community.


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Miles Sharpe (Kilos)

Since I first found Ubuntu back on 8.10 Superfly has always been there for help, starting with mailing lists then teaching me how to setup and use IRC. He is a master at what he does and always has a friendly word of encouragement. especially for those who are new to the whole computer game. His patience and understanding in helping new comers is legend on our channel. Even with having to hold a baby on his lap while typing one handed he is always there for us all. Thank you Raoul. -- msdomdonner 2015-01-19 08:43:09

Wikus van Dyk ( mazal )

Superfly has been on our support channels and mailing lists ever since I can remember. He helps and supports all our members. He is highly skillfull and knowledgeable. He is a true asset to Ubuntu and it's users. - Wikus -- wikus-s 2015-01-19 08:42:30

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