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Windows with superuser privileges should have a distinctly different colour scheme from the normal scheme used by the user. This scheme should preferably use warning colours like red and yellow. This will remind users that they are acting as superusers when they use those windows, and hopefully protect them from themselves by preventing them from committing blunders.


Users may open windows with superuser privileges using kdesu or gksu or such to perform some necessary work, but they may then forget that this is a superuser window and commit some blunder which will cost them a lot. So if we automatically give such superuser windows a colour scheme with warning colours, then they will at least be visually reminded that the window they are using is potentially dangerous and must be closed as soon as possible.

Use cases

Ram opens a superuser editor window and accidentally overwrites his /etc/fstab when he did not mean to. This is BAD.

Ram opens a superuser file manager window and accidentally removes some vital system directories. This is BAD.

Ram uses a superuser editor window and is reminded by the colours that he must be careful while editing system files and so remembers to back them up before applying changes. This is GOOD.





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