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About Me

Hello, world!

I am an IT professional from the Chicagoland area. I work for a great company which utilizes various distros (including Ubuntu) and helps support several GNU/Linux communities. In my spare time I enjoy building and working with computers, and have always been fascinated by new technology and keeping up to date with what kind of advancements are being made.

While I enjoy working with computers, what I'm truly passionate about is spending time in the outdoors - hiking, cycling, canoing, camping, gardening and just about anything else that gets me out of the house. I love traveling as well - I find it really amazing to be able to learn about other cultures first hand.

Community Involvement

Ubuntu Chicago Loco
Loco teams are a great way to get involved with Ubuntu, and spread the word of Ubuntu and Linux within your own community. I try to do what I can to keep the Chicago Loco running strong, and hope to see it grow even more than it already has.
* Moderator for the Illinois Loco sub-forum

Ubuntu Folding@Home Team
The Folding@Home project is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I have taken on a leadership position within the team, and also hold co-founder status of the #ubuntu-folding channel. I spend much time in the channel answering questions about the project, helping newcomers install and setup their clients, and troubleshoot issues team members may have. I have worked hard to actively promote the Folding@Home project - both online and in real life.

Ubuntu Beginners Team
As a member of the Beginners Team I work to provide new Ubuntu users the assistance and help they need. My main areas of focus have been the Absolute Beginners section of the forum, #ubuntu and #ubuntu-beginners on IRC, and maintaining wiki pages for all users to benefit from.

Ubuntu IRC Focus Group
The IRC Focus Group is a branch of the Beginner's Team that focuses on assisting new users on IRC - most notably in the #ubuntu-beginners channel. In addition to this, I also try to help users in the #ubuntu channel with any issues I can resolve. I feel having the instant-feedback of an IRC channel is a great way to answer questions, and keeps users happy with their overall experience with the Ubuntu community.

Ubuntu Wiki/Doc Work
Having all the information in the world does little good if it's not accurate and current. Therefore, I have made an effort to stay on top of several wiki pages. I try to keep the information as useful and up-to-date as possible, so users can find the help they're looking for.
A couple pages I have either created or contributed to notably are:

* Chicago Loco Team pages
* Icecat
* FahMon
* FoldingAtHome
* Origami (Ubuntu Wiki)
* Origami (Origami Wiki)


Smile :) starcraft.man

  • Swoody. Swoooody. Swooooooooooooooody! I swear, that name just screams out for more o's. Yay, first as well. Right, best get on with testimonial, time to grim up! Swoody is awesome, does plenty of work for beginners team helping folks on our main IRC channel and on forums and generally hanging out with us. Spends lots of time in folding channel helping new people join the worthy cause, is the leader though he doesn't like admitting such things, except when you might get an accidental kick from channel :). Has a little trouble taking credit and short selling self, so I have to make an extra good testimonial. Anyway, done more than a good share of effort to make Ubuntu better, be it in support or development with bug testing. He's great and I'd be having a beer with swoody regularly were he to live close to me, but he doesn't. So, I suppose it's only fitting that I dedicate to him all the beers I'll be having during my Frosh week at Uni, that ought to be sure to get him Ubuntu membership.

Smile :) paultag

  • I have known swoody since he was accepted as a padawan into the Beginners Team. swoody has proven, month after month, to be not only reliable, but friendly, upbeat and overtly passionate about his work here in the community. It is rare that I am able to recommend someone with such total resolve and confidence as I am able to do with swoody. His work in the Beginners Team, both inside focus groups that I lead, and in the greater team, is exemplary. I have never once seen, heard about, or picked up on so much as a single conflict with any other member on the team. swoody is, without reserve an incredible asset to the Ubuntu community. Please consider his Ubuntu Membership request favorably.

Smile :) Vantrax

  • I have known swoody since he began his rise in the community as I was his mentor when he came into the Beginners Team. Swoody has shown a rare passion for helping people in any way possible. He is consistently upbeat regardless of the circumstances and passionate about the community. He is a very humble person and can easily be overlooked but he has made a significant impact in the Beginners Team and has begun to make his presence felt in the Ubuntu Community Learning Project and we look forward to his ability of inspiring and including others making further impact in the community. Swoody has my full support for Ubuntu Membership.

Smile :) nhandler

  • I first met swoody when he started contributing to the Ubuntu Beginners Team. Since then, he has done a terrific job with helping users on IRC and on the forums. Recently, I also had the opportunity to meet swoody in real life at the Ubuntu Chicago Global Jam. His kind personality and eagerness to help (along with the plate of cookies in his hands) immediately gave his identity away. His contributions have definitely been significant and sustained, and he has my full support for Ubuntu Membership.

Smile :) nixternal

  • swoody is the new face of Ubuntu Chicago, and with his eagerness to get involved and help others, he is without a doubt ready to become an Ubuntu member. His work with the Ubuntu Beginner's Team in the forums, as well as his work and enthusiasm with Ubuntu Chicago, is the breath of fresh air that we need around here. He makes us want to do more here in Chicago and he is in no way afraid to take the bull by its horns and run with it. He was a huge help with the recent Global Jam and I guarantee that within the next year he will be a MOTU or even more. He knows how to find his way to your heart, just ask nhandler, cookies FTW!

Smile :) BodhiZazen

  • It is my pleasure to write in support of swoody. I have had the pleasure to work with swoody on the Beginner Team and fully support his application for Ubuntu Membership. swoody is helpful, kind, and patient and has been an asset to the Ubuntu Community.

Smile :) skiquel

  • Swoody is a swell guy to have around on IRC. He's devoted to the open source cause and is a rising star in the Ubuntu community. He's a good personality to have around on #ubuntu-chicago and has decent communication skills. Hope to see more of swoody.

Smile :) zkriesse

  • Swoody swoody swoody... He's gotta be one of the most helpful and happy guys I've met within the Ubuntu Community. He has played an instrumental part in my integration to Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Beginners Team, and the Ubuntu Community. His skills are just awesome with just about anything, and he's very good at doing what he does. He's been an invaluable asset to not only the Ubuntu Beginners Team but to the UBT Wiki FG as well. He's got my full support in whatever endeavor he chooses.

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