About Me

Sharing with people from all walks of life on getting things with Ubuntu have been part of my life in and out of the work environment. Providing solutions that uses open source software and being able to reach the OSS community is part of what I take great interest.

I maintain a BLOG on some of the solutions as this is useful for others to refer.


Skype: tboxmy

Ubuntu Experience

Migration to OSS opportunities is something that I have been working one. Over the years, re-compiling of latest OSS for Ubuntu is done for specific projects. Apart from that, I have also shared some of the solutions on my blog recently.

The last work project, provided the opportunity for me to invite Ubuntu speakers to the MyGOSSCON Conference which was carried out in 2007-2010. Among others was to create value to 3,000+ people in the government services to use OSS, including Ubuntu Linux.

At the unit where I work, I provide lots of support to encourage these users to use Ubuntu as their tool for daily task. I myself use Ubuntu 10.04 and continuously find ways to resolve issues among the staff to ensure that they have a greater experience in using a desktop.

Software development work for Java, PHP and Android have been on Ubuntu. And I share this methodology with those who are starting to do development work.

I have started using Ubuntu since Edgy (6.10) with switch between the Gnome and KDE interfaces. Currently I am using 10.04 for most of my documentation work and to learn programming (as a hobby).

Ubuntu Future

Ubuntu is a good choice to incorporate in upcoming projects.

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