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My name is Elvira Martínez, I'm from Cali, Colombia but living at Honduras right now. I'm using Ubuntu since 04/2008 and I signed the code of conduct on 2008/10/01. I belong to the Ubuntu-hn team and I would like to make this community grow together.

Contact Information

e-mail: elvira.martinez38@gmail.com

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~tatica1

IRC: tatica1 on network irc.freenode.net

Objectives in the Ubuntu community:

1. Learn about Ubuntu to support my community as I can.

2. Support the Ubuntu community in general.

Objectives in the community of Ubuntu Colombia:

1.Learn from experience that this community has to support what I can.

2.Assist in a future to the community activities if I return to Colombia or in some way do it from here.

Objectives in Ubuntu Honduras community:

1. Grow and join the community of Ubuntu Honduras.

2. Assist and support the community in the activities that we carry out.

3. Learn about Ubuntu in order to teach others here in Honduras to enter to Ubuntu's world also.