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About Me

I still working on Ubuntu development in my country(Myanmar). Also Ubuntu MyanmarTeam member and you can search me in . You can call me from this phone number (+95 973116489).

Contact Information


Development for Ubuntu in whole country and support activity for education development for youth.

Future Goals

Planning for all childes and all peoples in country with cheap laptop with Ubuntu. Education society with free and open standard philosophy.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Smile :-) He is Ko Thohi, He is great man. He helps a lot to the U4MM Community in Yangon. So as a core of a Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team,i support him. pyaesone

Our big bro ,Mr. Thohi is great supporter for Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team .He is the best in sharing his knowledge about Linux ,Ubuntu ,Security and Privacy knowledge .I support him to become a Ubuntu Member . Htut Myat

Not only the great member of LoCo Team but aslo the great supporter. First time I personally know with his,he told about the LoCo Team and it make me biggest surprise because they are moving around Myanmar for distribution Ubuntu.And they told about freedom of OS and make people knowledgable.Saw Khaing