• Greetings people.

This is my first day on Ubuntu and first day using Linux. As an avid Microsoft user since the beginning I have come to the crossroads where frustration and dying concepts have led me to find an alternative in operating systems. Here I am, and since I have 0 experience with Linux but have a fair computer os knowledge, I am going to document my journey into this new world.

I hope that other people who like myself have grown tired of Bill Gatus of Borg's domination of the end users computing world will be able to learn from my mistakes and what I learn on the way.

To start with, I have found that the layout of the desktop is fairly simple and straight forward. Much more point and click than I expected and I was amazed that all my hardware worked like a charm since I installed this. I have also learned that the Synaptic package manager, the terminal and the forums are your best friend when starting out. I am going to focus on things like basic structure, interaction, and just getting familar terms used in Linux for the next few weeks.

I have other windows users who are considering switching or at least trying this OS out based upon my personal experiences, so here goes nothing!

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