Personal Introduction

I am Timmy <tim48134@gmail.com>. Although still a high school student, I am extremely interested in open source software. I first installed Mandriva Linux as a dual-boot while in 6th grade, and today that enthusiasm has skyrocketed (I'm now in 11th grade). So far I have made about a dozen LinuxFromScratch builds, and have made Slackware-based distributions as well. I host a website on Ubuntu Server in my basement. I originally used OpenBSD for this purpose, however configuring OpenBSD's pf to resist DoS attacks was too confusing. That is why Ubuntu Server's automatic SYN Cookies feature was very appealing to me. Over the years I have tried pretty much every UNIX and UNIX-like OS out there, as well as ReactOS. I wish to join the Ubuntu BugSquad to help thwart bugs in one of my favorite operating systems!

Area of Interest

As of now, I do not have a particular field in Ubuntu that I am most interested in. I would be happy to help pretty much anywhere, except somewhere that would require enormous knowledge of programming languages (I know C/C++ moderately well, Python a little bit, I know a ton of shell script, but absolutely no HTML, XML, Java, or Assembly).


My timezone is Eastern United States (UTC-5). Right now the US is in Daylight Savings time, so it would be UTC-4.


Since school starts soon (late August), I will generally be available via email from UTC 22 to 1. This will change after Daylight Savings ends, and I may forget to update this page when it does.


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