The idea is pretty easy. If we want to view our tomboy notes remotely, we can use a webserver to do this. The goal is to visualize a complete notebook through html. Since tomboy saves its notes in xml format, we should be able to convert this notes to decent html.

Converting xml to html

There is already a default tomboy to html possibility so we can reuse the xsl. The xml used by tomboy can be found on []. This xsl has been imported to the project and has a little modification to prevent the ToLower warningTo render the xml you need php5-xsl.

sudo apt-get install php5-xsl


A default webserver and default tomboy installation does not allow you to read the tomboy notes as the default www-user. We need a secure way around this stuff. You can do this by using mod-suphp

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-suphp

After installing, you need to disable php5. It is probably not needed if you use a specific virtual host for this and only enable mod-suphp for that specific host.

a2dismod php5

For some reason docroot didn't worked like it should work so I disabled docroot test in [/etc/suphp/suphp.conf]


Because of previous configurations I had to correct a few lines in [/etc/suphp/suphp.conf]. You probable don't have to do enable this.



How do we check which notebook? We need to find something like


where web is the name of the notebook we're searching. It could probably be done by xpath but currently we are using getElementsByTagName to find the tags.


  • We are also ignoring the templates to.


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