The aim of tomboy2web is to convert your local tomboy notes to a web visualisation running on your computer. This way your webpages are easy editable by putting all needed pages in one notebook.


All research concerning this project has been moved to tomboy2web/research. It describes the process in how to get to the current result. This is only useful for developers.


You can get the latest version (currently v0.1) from [[|the] launchpad page]. Untar the tar file and put the transform.php in your favorite webdirectory. You need to create a config.php and you need at least php5-xsl and libapache2-mod-suphp installed. After installing suphp you probably will have to disable php. On debian-based systems this can be done by running a2dismod php5.


All configurations has to be in config.php and must declare this parameters:

  • $directory: location of the tomboy notes, usually something like [/home/user/.local/share/tomboy/]
  • $note: the start note. Currently you have to search your notes to find a usable version. This must be something like "ed15a2da-313b-4eb7-a9f4-6a01eccf3661.note".
  • $notebook: notebook to show. Set to nothing if you don't want a specific notebook.

After configuring you should be able to view your notes by browsing to transform.php


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