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== Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia ==
== Warwick, Queensland, Australia (selling house) ==
== Moree, NSW ==
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 * [[|RiscOS system]] ARMini
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I currently volunteer 2 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday) at my [[|local neighborhood center]] with computer related issues, I try to promote FLOSS software as much as I can (under review)

Tom Sparks

"It's a nerdy thing I like to do"

Moree, NSW

About Me

  • I discovered floss software about 2000
  • I started playing around with ubuntu about 2006/7 after hear about Windows Vista
  • I started fully using ubuntu about late 2009
  • Now the whole house is Ubuntu powered Smile :)

  • I am also retro computer user

currently I have 4 computers running ubuntu (xubuntu)

  • MythTV eeepc nettop b202 xubuntu 10.04 (lost in the Queensland's floods) Sad :(

  • XMBC eeepc netbook 701SD xubuntu 10.04

  • eeepc netbook 901 xubuntu 10.04
  • Compaq laptop xubuntu 10.04
  • Desktop xubuntu 10.04

Some of my retro computer hardware:

Some of my Retro Computer software:


I have converted about 11 computers in the community and count to xubuntu Smile :) I don't know if the people are still using ubuntu after I install it

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