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== Who I am, what I do, and my involvement with the Ubuntu community == == Contributions ==
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'''>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A detailed list of all my contributions to Ubuntu are [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/tsimonq2/Contributions|here]]. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<''' <<Include(tsimonq2/Contributions)>>
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=== Who I am === == Goals ==
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I am a teenager passionate about technology. I have been generally interested in it since I was nine, but I have been using Ubuntu since February of 2015. I transitioned to Lubuntu in early July, because I liked the desktop environment better, and I soon then got involved.

=== wxl, and the Padawan/Master relationship ===

I met [[wxl]], and we established a Padawan/Master relationship. This is the same terminology used by [[http://wiki.linuxpadawan.net/AboutUs|Linux Padawan]], although we met in the Lubuntu IRC channels. Through my passion of learning about Linux, I kept talking with him, and he has helped me tremendously. I cannot thank him enough for all the time and effort he has spent with me, and he has truly helped my Linux experience go a lot smoother(although I had to meet him halfway).

=== My involvement with the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team ===

In August 2015, I looked and saw that the [[WisconsinTeam|Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team]] was not active, and I wanted to do all I could to change that. So I contacted [[AnthonyHook|Anthony Hook]] about bringing new energy to the team, and to my surprise, he responded. So I have been working with Anthony to get to know a lot of the people. As of November 16, 2015, Anthony transferred the position of Contact to me. I have been doing my best to help with meetings, communication, and just getting to know a few of the people. I scheduled a Meet and Greet meeting, to get a feeling for who was around, and we had a great turnout. We will continue to have monthly meetings, and maybe soon get verified. I am tremendously excited for our new direction, and it will be an honor to help facilitate.

== My goals, and the future ==

=== Eventual Ubuntu Membership ===

{*} I am very interested in getting my Ubuntu Membership. If I continue to regularly contribute, I will confidently be able to apply and obtain my membership.

=== To-do list of Contribution Options to Explore ===

This is my to-do list of contribution options to explore:
 * Bug triage
 * Documentation
 * IRC
 * Website improvements for the QA tracker
 * Development
  * LXQt
  * Git
  * tmux
  * irssi

And many more, although these are what I can think of at the time.
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If you want to vouch for my sustained contribution or if you have something nice to say about me, write it below! ;) Tesimonials go below! ;)
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#################### * you can be anyone!
### ### * sign with @ SIG @ (without the spaces)
### INSTRUCTIONS ### * includes name and date
### ### * does not look right in preview
#################### * add at the end of the testimonials
Sign with @ SIG @ (without the spaces). Please put this after your testimonial.
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### add testimonials just above this line, instructions are above ^^^
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Simon Quigley (tsimonq2)

https://launchpadlibrarian.net/16121192/gem-sm.png Location

Wisconsin, USA

http://emoticoner.com/files/emoticons/msn_smileys/clock-msn-smiley.gif Time Zone

Central Standard Time (UTC-0600)

https://launchpad.net/favicon.ico Launchpad Page


https://launchpad.net/@@/language Email

sqawesome99 AT gmail DOT com

https://launchpad.net/@@/language Personal IRC Channel

##tsimonq2 on Freenode

https://launchpad.net/@@/language IRC Nick

tsimonq2 on Freenode (Other networks are listed on my Launchpad page)

http://grfx.cstv.com/schools/wake/graphics/auto/twitter-bird-logo.png Twitter





Lubuntu Release Manager

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Other notable areas of contribution

I now either contribute to these areas rarely, not at all, or as part of another contribution. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my involvement in any of these projects.

  • Kubuntu
  • Ubuntu Manual Test Case Project/QA Testing
  • Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team

  • Ask Ubuntu:

profile for Simon Quigley at Ask Ubuntu, Q&A for Ubuntu users and developers


Here are some goals I have for the future, both for myself and the Ubuntu Community:

Personal Goals

  • Become better at software development by working with the Ubuntu Community
  • Use this opportunity to get real-world experience to go on to High School, College, and beyond
  • Develop essential interpersonal skills for contributing to Open Source and software projects in general

Goals for my work in the Ubuntu Community


Tesimonials go below! Wink ;)

Sign with @ SIG @ (without the spaces). Please put this after your testimonial.

I have had the joy of working as a mentor to Simon since his introduction to the Ubuntu community. He has been incredibly engaged and excited. He is well-organized, keeps focus, but is always exploring new avenues to contribute. Among his regular contributions, he has managed to breathe new life into his LoCo, has been incredibly useful to the Lubuntu Team, working hand in hand with me and other team members, and has consistently contributed to Ubuntu News. Simon is a young man and his sometimes displayed a certain lack of professionalism (albeit rarely). Though this is to be expected to some degree, my observation has been that he has resiliently responded to the criticism he has been given. This is a hallmark of maturity I think many of his peers lack. I would also comment on his care for others. He has shown me many a thing that relates to my own interests, simply for the joy of making me happy. I think this is a sign of a good mentor/mentee relationship. I trust that Simon will continue to grow and will continue to make Ubuntu better. -- wxl 2016-01-30 22:21:35

Simon was very helpful to me while showing me how to contribute to the Ubuntu Newsletter. He was very friendly and nice to me in doing so. Although I didn't end up contributing, he was nice in working with me. I support his application for Ubuntu Membership. -Zoueid Naeîl on November 21, 2015

My last testimonial written here, now erased, was in November of 2015. From then to now, I have noticed a substantial shift in Simon's attitude towards others and the community. I have observed that he is handling himself in a far more professional manner, and has taken great strides to work well with others in the teams and tasks he's focused on. I have also personally observed his interactions with others with regards to QA, and believe he has made exceptional strides. He's made a substantial amount of contributions, and appears to make more each and every day. I think that, while Simon has some ways to go, he would be a good candidate for Ubuntu membership, provided that he continues to act in a professional manner and have positive interactions within the community. -- teward 2016-01-30 23:01:20

Simon revived the LoCo in summer 2015 with my help and has served as the mentor for many tasks I completed in Google Code-in 2015. He's been a great person to work with as well as a great friend, despite being off-topic at times. I support his application for an Ubuntu membership as he is a great member of the community. -- adueppen 2016-01-31 00:09:15

I've been cooperating with Simon for a while. He's proved being a very smart and adaptative guy. Despite his age, Simon is a really useful guy, having a deep knowledge of coding, bug hunting and ISO testing. I'm fully convinced he'll be a great asset, he learns fast and Linux is a passion for him. I see him testing ISOs daily at the QA group, reporting bugs and cooperating with my IRC group and a few more, spending time to solve problems. I support his membership application. -- rafaellaguna 2016-01-31 14:33:25

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