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Simon Quigley (tsimonq2)

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Wisconsin, USA

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Central Standard Time (UTC-0600)

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tsimonq2 on Freenode (Other networks are listed on my Launchpad page)

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Who I am, what I do, and my involvement with the Ubuntu community

A detailed list of all my contributions to Ubuntu are here.

Who I am

I am a teenager passionate about technology. I have been generally interested in it since I was nine, but I have been using Ubuntu since February of 2015. I transitioned to Lubuntu in early July, because I liked the desktop environment better, and I soon then got involved.

wxl, and the Padawan/Master relationship

I met wxl, and we established a Padawan/Master relationship. This is the same terminology used by Linux Padawan, although we met in the Lubuntu IRC channels. Through my passion of learning about Linux, I kept talking with him, and he has helped me tremendously. I cannot thank him enough for all the time and effort he has spent with me, and he has truly helped my Linux experience go a lot smoother(although I had to meet him halfway).

My involvement with the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team

In August 2015, I looked and saw that the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team was not active, and I wanted to do all I could to change that. So I contacted Anthony Hook about bringing new energy to the team, and to my surprise, he responded. So I have been working with Anthony to get to know a lot of the people. As of November 16, 2015, Anthony transferred the position of Contact to me. I have been doing my best to help with meetings, communication, and just getting to know a few of the people. I scheduled a Meet and Greet meeting, to get a feeling for who was around, and we had a great turnout. We will continue to have monthly meetings, and maybe soon get verified. I am tremendously excited for our new direction, and it will be an honor to help facilitate.

Technical Contributions to Lubuntu

In late August 2015 and early September 2015, I did some investigating, and I found QA. At first, because my computer at the time didn't have hardware virtualization support, I just did Package QA, but I didn't quite understand what that meant. I took a short hiatus from that until I got my new computer in late September. I then ventured into ISO QA, and although I have done little portions, I have helped a little around there.

Delay of Ubuntu Membership

In late November 2015, I had various conflicts with several people, and it was clear that my interpersonal skills were lacking(see the testimonials by phillw and teward below). Due to the recommendation of several people, I am limiting my offtopic related conversations and focusing more on finding my place in the community. By April or May 2016, I will reassess where I am, and my goal is to apply for membership once I have properly developed my interpersonal skills to a point where they are more productive then counterproductive. I am using this as a learning experience and as time for me to focus more on contributions to Ubuntu rather then developing/preventing relationships in the community. This should be interpreted as a self-evaluation and enhancement of my skills rather then a derogatory characteristic of me. I am still capable of holding a conversation about a relevant task.

My goals, and the future

Eventual Ubuntu Membership

Ubuntu I am very interested in getting my Ubuntu Membership. If I continue to regularly contribute, I will confidently be able to apply in June of 2016 and obtain my membership.

To-do list of Contribution Options to Explore

This is my to-do list of contribution options to explore:

  • Bug triage
  • Documentation
  • IRC
  • Website improvements for the QA tracker
  • Development
    • LXQt
    • Git
    • tmux
    • irssi

And many more, although these are what I can think of at the time.

Beyond the world of Ubuntu

Ubuntu is not the only project I am involved in. There are many other projects that I can be involved in to increase my skills. Below are some different tasks that I want to complete outside of Ubuntu:


I plan on getting these certifications before the end of 2016:

  • CompTIA A+
  • LPI
    • Linux Essentials
    • LPIC-*

Programming Languages

In order to complete various tasks, it is vital for me to learn a few new programming languages. Below are the ones I plan on learning:

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Drupal
  • Java
  • PHP


Since Debian is a vital upstream project, in the future it is very possible that I will contribute there to help Debian and it's derivatives.


Works in Progress

As I am looking to further develop my skills, here are some projects that I have been spending time doing, some of these are transferred from the above section to a work in progress:

  • Sir Lenny the Lubuntu Bot
    • A new bot for #lubuntu-devel
    • Written in Python
    • Sole developer(besides wxl just doing some cleanup here and there)

    • On Github here

      • Pull requests will be rejected until I get the core functions done

  • ubuntu-wisconsin.org

    • A website for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team to help better evangelize Ubuntu in Wisconsin

    • Meant to explain what Ubuntu is and where to find more information
    • Written in HTML and CSS, with a transition to Bootstrap coming soon
    • Primary developer, although adueppen is an active contributor as well

    • On Github here

      • Pull requests are welcome, but our main focus right now is on content, so please refrain from doing major aesthetic changes

  • Google Code In
    • I am a mentor

    • More details here

    • Primarily mentoring QA tasks
  • Advent of Code
    • 25 days of Christmas coding "mission", for lack of a better word
    • Although I am behind, I will continue after Christmas is over, if it is still up
    • Website is here

    • wxl's Advent of Code completions are on Github here


  • masspackagelp
    • A python script that allows for mass adding of bug subscriptions to a Launchpad team
  • Syntax cleanup of wisconsinlinux.org

My hiding places

Google Hangouts.







If you want to vouch for my sustained contribution or if you have something nice to say about me, write it below! Wink ;)

Simon was very helpful to me while showing me how to contribute to the Ubuntu Newsletter. He was very friendly and nice to me in doing so. Although I didn't end up contributing, he was nice in working with me. I support his application for Ubuntu Membership. -Zoueid NaeƮl on November 21, 2015

Simon appears to have a decent work ethic when it comes to working with things that pique his attention, and work contributed from what I have seen appears to be reasonably good. However, I've noticed on several different occasions his attitude is not conducive for that of reasonable discourse, or reasonable community collaboration efforts, and from my perspective, sometimes Simon is very rude to others in public discussion channels. There are also other issues in his attitude which in my opinion detract from his overall 'image'. I also believe that Simon has not shown a "significant and sustained" contribution per the definition of membership, partly because he has only been using Ubuntu and involved in the Ubuntu / Lubuntu projects for only 9 months. I therefore do not support his application for Ubuntu Membership, and I believe his application should be rejected at this time - there is more to Ubuntu Membership than contributions, it also requires one to handle themselves well in the community. -Thomas Ward on November 30, 2015

On a good day, Simon's work is good. However his interpersonal skills are sadly lacking. This is not unusual with a boy of his age, but he has managed to get that many complaints that he has been banned from the linux padawan general IRC channel. Whilst we have no procedure to kick off a padawan, his interactions with other people may now only take place on the official irc area and by email. I'm sure that in some 6 months time his interpersonal skills will have improved to the level that several of us will whole heartedly support his application for full ubuntu membership. However, as Thomas stated above, the time is not now. -phillw on November 30, 2015