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About me

I am a 16 year old web developer, trainee C/C++/Java/JS/PHP programmer and Linux user. Like many, my Ubuntu story started in 2006/2007 when XP was starting to get really old and Vista was rapidly illuminating what Microsoft had became. After several reinstalls and prolonged head scratching I decided that this 'Linux' thing might be worth a try and dived straight in (once I finally convinced my CD drive into working). My first impression of Ubuntu? Very clean, very fast and very brown.

From this point on we were inseparable; I dabbled in everything from Wine, graphics,, the Forums, BASH and server administration whilst Ubuntu continued to get more awesome and more addictive with every release. Throughout this time whilst I experimented with other distros (Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Foresight) I always came back to Ubuntu because of its community, its comprehensiveness and of course its aforementioned awesomeness.

I have just completed my GCSEs, and throughout that time Ubuntu and have proved invaluable tools, handling all of the essays, courseworks and web development tasks I have thrown at them. In short I owe a great deal I owe a great deal how awesome everyone behind these projects is and it is only right to aspire to share some of the glory (or at least help out Smile :-) ).

I have installed Ubuntu at least 100 times over the past 3 years, on just about every PC in my house and others whilst helping other to use it in person, online and even in at concerts and in newsagents (don't ask!). At the same time I have created mockups and graphics for several Ubuntu release cycles and and consistently ran and reported/helped with bugs on development releases (Karmic is my main system at the moment) but I still want to become more involved in the project and thus am looking to become a Ubuntu member, blog more tips and tutorials and help out anywhere I can.

Contribution summery

  • Helping real people use Ubuntu in the forums, on various blogs, on IRC, in real life or wherever I may find them.
  • Graphics and mockups for Ubuntu, and several other open source projects via the wiki.

  • Testing and reporting bug on every beta/alpha/trunk under the sun.
  • Giving considered feedback/suggestions (the polite kind) on various projects.

Plans for Ubuntu

  • Help more in IRC and on the forums.
  • Get more involved with the official graphics and documentation teams.
  • Develop my programming skills (as a computing student) and get hacking!


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