This Site describe the installation and configuration of the Typo3 CMS for Ubuntu 7.10 (Server Edition).

System Installation

  • download the image from http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download, burn it to CD-ROM and install the standard server without any specials.

  • configure the the network setting and internet connection (check the /etc/network/interfaces)
  • set the $http_proxy enviroment- variable (in your ~/bashrc or system- wide in /etc/bash.bashrc)

Typo3 setup

  • Install typo3 from the repository:

 sudo apt-get install typo3 

  • Copy the typo3 dummy to the apache www folder:

 cp -r /var/lib/typo3-dummy/* /var/www/ 

  • Start the setup guide of typo3:


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