Meeting 30th January 2010

30th January 2010 at 2000 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on


  • We decided (vote: 9 for, 0 against) to create a new section in the prologue called "Conventions used in this publication" which should act as a sort of "key" to icons etc for the rest of the manual
  • Target audience wasn't completely decided on, but lots of conversation took place about it. For a rough idea of Ubuntu users' average age, we found this thread.

  • Some words thrown around for the writing style: Not witty, but welcoming, clear, concise, FOSS = awesome, solid, trustworthy, capable, friendly yet professional
  • Title was undecided with two proposals receiving a count of 3 each, "The Ubuntu Manual" and "Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04" - Decided to defer discussion to the mailing list for now.
  • Screenshots, points of action from now on:
    • Appoint a screenshot leader and a team
    • Create a new branch off the main trunk branch for screenshots
    • Be very, very, very selective when choosing screenshots

    • Use a consistent virtual machine image
    • PNG as the input format, JPG as output format possibly
    • 800x600 8 bit images
    • Screenshot taking will start on March 4th, the Lucid UI freeze
    • Possibly use placeholder images in the meantime, Kevin Godby (godbyk) was assigned to look into this
  • Alpha review: We're behind schedule, everyone needs to keep their "progress" up to date on their assigned blueprints. Need to make more progress on writing, only 10 days till alpha release.
  • Decided to freeze the writing at our Beta, March 18th. This should allow us some more time to fine tune the writing, do some major editing and then it should also give over a month for translations to catch up before Release Candidate.
  • Very latest manual PDF build can be found here.


  • Target audience
  • How/where/when will users come across our document?
  • What style/tone should we aim for, what should be the message both about our document and Ubuntu?
  • What should the title be?
    • (The) Ubuntu (10.04) Manual
    • The Ubuntu Manual for 10.04
    • Ubuntu (10.04) Quick Start Guide
    • Ubuntu (10.04): A Beginners Guide
    • A Beginners Guide to Ubuntu (10.04)
    • An Introduction to Ubuntu (10.04)
    • The Ubuntu Manual: A Beginners Guide for New Users (10.04) (suggested by Kelvin Gardiner)
    • Other suggestions
  • Handling screenshots (UI freeze March 4th)

  • Change to beta release date to align with the Lucid beta
  • This

  • We need to decide on a date for the writing freeze
  • Ilya Haykinson would like everyone who is writing a chapter to create a summary of their chapter on the wiki
  • Alpha review

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