Project meeting 13/03/2011


  • The IRC log is available here

  • The mootbot log is available here


  • Feedback on role advertisements
  • Ubuntu Manual to Docbook - Update
  • Quickshot - Update
  • Set a date for 11.04 manual writing.
  • Any Other Business
  • Next Meeting



Feedback on role advertisements

  • The deadline for job applications has been extended two weeks. The new deadline is Friday, 25 March 2011.
  • [ACTION] godbyk updated the website to reflect the new deadline and added a note at the top explaining that the job positions are volunteer and not paid positions.
  • [ACTION] godbyk emailed Ben Humphrey to acquire the @TheUbuntuManual Twitter account information (password).

  • [ACTION] Chris Woollard to mail Ben and Linux outlaws for marketing

Ubuntu Manual to Docbook - Update

  • Godbyk will continue to explore this
    • After this we will also explore the collaborating more with the Ubuntu Docs Team

Quickshot - Update

  • [ACTION] ChrisWoollard to send out to the mailing list screenshot requiremnts and ask for volunteers to review.

  • [ACTION} Jenkins to write some notes on how to use Quickshot.

Set a date for 11.04 manual writing

  • [ACTION] Defer 11.04 branch until next meeting. Pending screenshot work and docbook review.

Any Other Business

  • Translations - c7p wanted to know about translations for maverick.
    • This will not be set-up until the maverick writing freeze.
  • Chris Wollard and c7p were added to the Ubuntu Manual Admins team.
  • c7p requested that folks add items to the agenda for our next meeting.

Next meeting

  • ACTION [c7p] - Schedule next meeting for 2 weeks time.

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