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 * Any Other Business (AOB).
 * Next Meeting?

Note: If #ubuntu-meeting is full, or down, or not working for some reason then our backup channel is #ubuntu-manual.

Next Meeting, Sunday 22nd August 2010 at 2000 UTC

The meeting (as agreed in the previous meeting) will take place in #ubuntu-manual. It is very important for all the core team members to attend.


  • Feedback on release of Lucid edition 2.
  • Documenting the release process more publicly and in more depth. dutchie to show example wiki (As described in previous meeting).

  • Discuss the Ubuntu-Manual branch (plan for streamlining the repository). It is quite large at the moment with all the history. Also when will it be ready for editing?
  • Maverick Manual - The way forward.
  • Translations - Edition 2 (pot file).
  • Any Other Business (AOB).
  • Next Meeting?

Please add to the agenda if you have any ideas!

Summaries from previous meetings

Summaries from previous meetings

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