A Bit About Me

A Brief introduction

I've been introduced to GNU+Linux OS by a friend on 2005 while studying in a local university. It was Mandriva. Then when I heard about Ubuntu and how I can get it for free, including updates and support forum, I instantly fell in love with it.

I started to adopt Ubuntu and Debian (desktop and laptop) as main OS since 2007. I remembered the day when I'm trying to figure out how to install mp3 player on my Ubuntu 5.04 desktop. Back then I had no internet connection so I had to walk 4 kilo meters to cyber cafe to download and meet package dependency until I finally be able to use XMMS to play my mp3 collections. It was a bittersweet memory I could never forget.

I'm currently working in a company that promotes FOSS products such as Smoothwall, OS-SIM and many more.

Contact Info

Name: Umarzuki Bin Mochlis Moktar
Email: <umarzuki AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>
IRC nick ( umarzuki


Asking for help and helping new users on the forum. It's been awhile since I'm focusing on local community, Ubuntu-my. My ID on = ikki_72


  1. Helping on Ubuntu-my forum as moderator. A few post examples:

  2. Updating Ubuntu-my wiki

  3. Translating deluge-torrent package (my favorite bittorrent client)

  4. Attending Ubuntu-my meetup on July 2008. Photo. I'm the one with the light blue shirt.

  5. Attending Ubuntu-my meetup on March 2009.


  1. Promoting upcoming Ubuntu-my event on MySQL class I attended Photo 1 Photo 2

  2. Sharing tips on using FOSS software on my main blog and my gaming blog

  3. Documenting tips on using OS-SIM on its forum
  4. Making E-Books about (most of these are licensed under CC and FDL) in Malay language:
  5. Administrating Debian forum in Malay language that I founded mainly to share tips on using Debian based distro as desktop and server.



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