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Where in the world: Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina Where in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact information

Guillermo Lisi (guillermolisi)

Where in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: <unimix AT SPAMFREE fibertel DOT com DOT ar>

Ubuntu Forums:

IRC: unimix @, channel: #ubuntu-ar

Ubuntu Contribution

  • I'm using Ubuntu since Dapper. I have previous experience with Unix (Xenix and SCO) as server administrator (sysadmin) until meet Linux, Ubuntu in particular. Then I decided to be an active member of Ubuntu community because of the amazing people you can find here.
  • I'm an Ubuntu-ar Member since May 2007.
  • I've active participation in educational Ubuntu related meetings for technical personnel of Fundación Equidad, a foundation that refurbish and donate PCs to schools and community educational institutions.



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