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== Contact information ==
'''Guillermo Lisi (guillermolisi)'''

Where in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: <<MailTo(unimix AT SPAMFREE fibertel DOT com DOT ar)>>

Ubuntu Forums:

IRC: unimix @, channel: #ubuntu-ar

== Ubuntu Contribution ==

 * I'm using Ubuntu since Dapper. I have previous experience with Unix (Xenix and SCO) as server administrator (sysadmin). When I discovered Linux, Ubuntu in particular, I decided to be an active member of Ubuntu community because of the amazing people you can find there and the great philosophy it has.

 * I'm an Ubuntu-ar Member since May 2007 and started my active participation organizing the Intrepid Ibex Release Party in Buenos Aires, making merchandising stuff to distribute in this RP and for Tucuman and Cordoba RPs too. In this BsAs II RP I have the toaster rol, introducing the keynotes speakers for each presentation.

 * I've active participation this year (2008) in educational Ubuntu related meetings for technical personnel of Fundación Equidad, a foundation that refurbishes and donates PCs to schools and community educational institutions of Argentina.

 * Also, I have direct working maintaining main contents for the Ubuntu-ar website.
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