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About Me


  • I am Ubuntu Member since November 18th 2009.
  • I've been using Ubuntu since February 2007 (Dapper). I have previous experience with Unix (Xenix and SCO) as system administrator and applications programmer in commercial enterprises. When I discovered Ubuntu, I decided to be an active member of Ubuntu community because of the amazing people you can find there and its great philosophy. In May 2007 I've signed the Ubuntu CoC to be completely commited with this community. I think technology without people has no entity, has no sense.

Contact Information

Guillermo Lisi

Where in the world

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Launchpad ID



<unimix AT SPAMFREE fibertel DOT com DOT ar>

Ubuntu Forums (guillermolisi)


unimix @








Personal website

Ubuntu Contribution

Local Community

  • I started my active local community participation organizing the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Release Party in Buenos Aires, supporting Tucuman and Cordoba RPs in many ways too (getting merchandising stuff and all the logistic management necessary to send it to each city from BsAs just in time for the parties, gathering pictures from each party to publish them in the Ubuntu-ar web site, etc., etc.). In this BsAs II RP I had the toaster role, introducing the keynotes speakers for each presentation and closing the mini conferences thanking all the people there for their presence and their great jobs. Pictures here

  • I've active participation in educational Ubuntu related training course for technical personnel of Fundación Equidad, a foundation that refurbishes and donates PCs to schools and community educational institutions in Argentina. This foundation aims to release PCs with Ubuntu and FOSS software. This training was held from September to December 2008. Fotos here

  • In November 2008 I had an active participation in the Fabrica de Fallas (Bugs Factory) in FM Radio La Tribu, in Buenos Aires. A complete open and free weekend with an Ubuntu stall, conferences and an installation room to help users who want to use Ubuntu in their PCs/notebooks, solving from complete installations to issues with video, audio, network configurations and graphics desktops tuning. Due to limitations on the Internet link of the radio, I took a repository server updated one day before, with all the ISO images for the 8.04 and 8.10 Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, to burn CDs, download and update packages for the people (with the collaboration of Marco Antonio de Hoyos). Pictures here

  • Since October 2008, I've been also maintaining main contents of the Argentina LoCo Team website - Ubuntu-ar - (publishing news, tutorials, translation - General and Leadership CoCs into Spanish - editing pictures to put there so as to make a "cozy" website for all the members and users. I am using Bazaar and Launchpad with Mariano Mara (Marplatense) to update some sections and maintaining all the website structure.

  • I was in charge of the Ubuntu stall in the WhyFLOSS conferences, Universidad Tecnologica de La Plata, November 2008. Pictures here

  • I've carried out all the necessary actions to get metallic Ubuntu badges for the Jaunty Jackalope release party being successful at it.

  • I was in the organization committee of the First Argentina Ubuntu Day. Member of the talks evaluation board and one of the speakers of "Why I've chosen Ubuntu ?" (with Miguel Sajnovsky) keynote conference (an Ubuntu Community related presentation). Fotos here.

  • I've made contact with producers of the "Cual es ?" program in the Rock & Pop FM Radio (a radio program with a huge audience all along Argentina), sent merchandising stuff to promote Ubuntu (the program has a technology section) with good results.

  • I was in charge of the full organization for Karmic Koala release party in Buenos Aires. (I'm sorry, Miguel Sajnovsky has the pictures).

  • I was in charge for the Ubuntu stall presence and organization in the Conurbania conferences, in BsAs, last November 14th, at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. Pictures here

  • I was in charge for organization tasks for the second edition of Fabrica de Fallas, November 21st and 22nd 2009. There were the exclusive Ubuntu technical support room that had a terrific success between the people who arrived with technical problems to be solved and machines to install Ubuntu, and the traditional stall where a lot of people asked for Ubuntu related questions. Best of all was the participation and very good work of new members of the LoCo Team, mainly in the technical support room Pictures here

  • The Argentina chapter of AFCEA invited Ubuntu-ar to give some Ubuntu related conferences. My conference was about Ubuntu Community, its organization, philosophy, history, present and future, marking the real, positive difference between Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distributions. The conference was March 24th 2010. Some pictures here.

  • I was in the organization of the first and second Argentina Ubuntu Global Jam, March 27th 2010 and August 2010, taking notes and making an integral jam documentation including who reported bugs, who made translation, who made some testing, upgrading, etc. With all of this stuff I made a publication for the Ubuntu-ar website to show others members what we do. We have a great time in both jams ! Take a look here.

  • FLISoL 2010 - May 2010 Gonzalez Catan

  • CISL 2010 - September 2010

  • EPUEL 2010 - September 2010

  • ENET N°36 - September 2010

  • Conurbania 2010 - Universidad de Lanus

  • CISL 2011

  • EPUEL 2011 - Berazategui

  • Software Freedom Day Celebration 2011 - Facultad de Ciencias Economicas (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

  • Organization of a new cycle of team meetings via IRC
    • Organizational (internal)
    • UbuCon

International Community

  • Ubuntu Forums mod from May 29th 2009. I read all the messages posted in the Argentina LoCo Team sub-forum, every day of the week from 7:30AM to 12:00PM as a regular activity, moving those threads and posts that users put out of place (we have specific sections for Hardware, Software, Community and the General Threads sections), talking with the users via PM when the things go complicated, aiming that everybody observes the CoC, moving old threads to the correct section and collaborating with other mods with things such as cross postings, bad users behaviour, post some help answers in other sub-forums (such the Chilean one) and making translations into Spanish for those written in English (there are too many people in Latin America who cannot write or read in English).

  • Member of the "Cafeteria para Ubuntueros de habla Hispana" (Spanish Speaking Ubunteros Cafe) social group.

  • Member of Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team (awaiting for approval, by now)

I would like to

  • Make the first Ubuntu conferences annual schedule in Argentina. I am working on it right now, making a project inside my work (a national insurance company) and beginning the first conversations with the Nacional Buenos Aires Graduates Association to make an additional annual schedule.
  • Carry out all necessary actions in order to train people (of Argentina LoCo Team) in Ubuntu (as project) and make them part of the community (as Ubuntu Members), in this way the work team would become stronger and broader.

  • Last but not least I strongly believe and intend to strengthen and reach a greater participation and integration in the Spanish Speaking Ubuntu Community Loco teams.


I am pleased with the amount and quality of Guillermo's work on the local Ubuntu Community. He has put a lot of effort in making the Argentina Team what it is: a sparking group of people that believe in FLOSS and go spreading the word of Ubuntu everywhere.