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About Me

The Radio Guy

I started pursuing and obtaining goals in the Amateur Radio field my freshman year of college. I obtained my Technicians license in the spring of 2009, and have proceeded to get involved in CAUHF(Central Arkansas Ultra High Frequency group). I run a remote link out of my house, that connects to radios in California and 3 parts of Arkansas. I also run a station out of my car with a Yeasu FT-8800. This hobby allows me to work with electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

The Storm Guy

After I obtained my Ham Radio license, I took a course and became a registered storm spotter for the Nation Weather Service based out of Little Rock, AR. This allows me to report extreme weather circumstances to the NWS. I will also be part of any emergency severe weather response that takes place in the town I live. In addition to responding to severe weather, I am on-line with other spotters around the state using the WarnIM Emergency Communication software in correlation to my Storm radar and analysis software to coordinate what exactly is going on weather wise during times of Sever Weather.

The Programming Guy

In fourth grade I made a mistake. I started to play with programming and have never quit. For most of my early school years I dabbled in software but mainly stuck to strict html text editor for websites. Since then I have branched off into many different areas. I am familiar with the following:


  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SMF Forum
  • UltraEdit

  • Notepad ++
  • Gedit
  • Code::Blocks
  • Eclipse
  • Dr. Java
  • NetBeans

  • MS Visual Studio
  • WordPress

  • Byond

Programming Languages:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • C
  • C++
  • ASM
  • Java


  • SDL
  • SDL_image
  • SDL_ttf
  • SDL_mixer

Life Story of a Guy

I was born and raised in Arkansas, United States. I played alot of video games growing up, and as a consequence I learned alot about windows. Most of my friends came over to my house for me to fix their computers. Changed high school in the 11th grade, and attended the Area Vocational School for Computer Engineering and Networking. Graduated high school from Pottsville, AR. I am now attending Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR for a BS degree in Computer Science. In December of 2009 I installed Ubuntu... Now I am here Smile :-)

Ubuntu Participation

Beginners Team

I am not a member of the Beginners Team yet. I am currently in the process of joining it and have as a master. I wish to join this team because of the values it upholds. I aim to become a team member by Spring of 2011.

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is Valindil89. I am looking forward to helping Ubuntu Community Members through this medium, and getting to know the members as well. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #ubuntu-beginners
  2. #ubuntu-beginners-dev
  3. #ubuntu-beginners-cafe
  4. #ubuntu-beginners-team
  5. #ubuntu-programming
  6. #ubuntu-beginners-launchpad
  7. #ubuntu-beginners-wiki
  8. ##C
  9. ##C++
  10. ##C++basic
  11. ##java
  12. ##OpenGL
  13. ##opengl3
  14. #sdl

Linux User Group (LUG)

I do not attend any LUG's currently, though it is something I would like to get involved with. I hope to find out more about any LUG's near to me and attend a meeting soon.

Current Projects


Right now as a 2 week old Linux user (1-1-2010)I am getting acquainted with the various tools and features of Linux. Some of the items are:

  • Grub 2 boot-loader
  • Gparted
  • Virtual-box
  • Working with Command line


I am always working on some sort of program. I see hands on getting to work as the best way to learn. Some programs in progress:

  • Open Source Encryption (Java - More information for this will be available in the coming future)
  • Open Source Simple Falling Blocks Game

Goals For The Future

  1. Learn the Wiki Markup Language
  2. Learn more about Ubuntu
  3. Continue to get Friends and Family trying Ubuntu
  4. Become an Ubuntu Beginners Team member
  5. Continue to offer assistance on IRC
  6. Join a LUG
  7. Teach others about Ubuntu and how to use Ubuntu
  8. Provide Assistance Focused in Programming Languages.


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