Hi, This is VIRIIMIND. I get into this stream after passing my 10th. I am so much into this that I can't live without computers. It's like I am in love with electric stuff... :p.. Beside that I like many things and I have adopted some hobbies as well. I do like swimming, biking, and things which are related to adventure. My hobbies are collecting movies, songs, images and old coins. Music is my energy and without music I can't work at all. All types of Metal, Rock, and Classical Romantic themes are my favourite ones. I spent most of my time on computers, surfing internet and doing some geeky stuff. And,,ummmmm........... I am no body special... lol

Current Activities:

  • - I am studying International Advanced Diploma in Networks and Cybersecurity (IADNC)


  • - Offensive & Defensive both security. - Programming - Designing - Music(vocals)

I Hate:

  • - My first Computer Teacher, who didn't teach me Linux/*nix instead of Windhoos(windows) - Politicians


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