In order to make VMbuilder a fully versatile tool, it would be important that it could be used to create iso and usb device. This would allow appliance makers to produce, in addition to vms:

  • live cd/dvd
  • live usb sticks

An important addition would be to create a usb stick which can be updated to new versions via apt-get.

Release Note

In addition to hypervisors, vmbuilder now supports building target "usb" and "iso" which allows to produce live cd/dvd or usb sticks. For more info on available option type "sudo vmbuilder [usb|iso] ubuntu --help" at a command prompt.


People building virtual appliances generally need to produce non virtual one. It would make sense to provide them with a way to produce all their targets with a single tool.

Use Cases

  • Edward makes a firewall appliance that could be shipped either as a virtual machine or as a physical appliance booting from USB memory.
  • Janice wand to deliver a demo of her appliance that boots from a CD as well as virtual appliances
  • Marcus runs the shipped virtual machine, or physical appliance booting from USB and it updates itself to a new version, including the linux kernel.



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